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Australia Day Live at Sydney Opera House (ABC TV Thursday 26 January 2023)



Tonight as the sun sets on our national day, but Australia Day Live, broadcast from the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House and spanning Circular Quay, is just getting going with a truly inspirational and uplifting finale to the day featuring powerful storytelling, moving tributes, and sensational entertainment on land and sea.

William Barton, Dami Im, Christine Anu, and Isaiah Firebrace will be among the many talented Australian musicians performing at Australia Day Live, which will be hosted by John Foreman, Casey Donovan, and Jeremy Fernandez.

All of this, together with Sydney’s famous landmarks and harbor, makes for a breathtaking setting for a spectacular fireworks and light show, which is accompanied by a dazzling watercraft spectacle with yachts, jet skis, fly boarders, and even parachutists dropping in to join the party.

The Creative Director is John Foreman OAM, along with Creative Consultant, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocalist William Barton, who is in charge of artistic direction.

Australia Day Live at the Sydney Opera House began in 2016, and since then it has become much more than a concert, representing a nation coming together to reflect, respect, and celebrate the best of Australia: our mateship, our sense of community, and our resilience.

Airdate: Thursday 26 January 2023 at 7.30pm on ABC TV and iView.