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Australian Drama Series Irreverent Netflix Trailer



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

A criminal from the United States botches the biggest heist of his career and is forced to hide out in a remote Australian reef community in Far North Queensland while pretending to be the new church pastor.

Irreverent is a fish out of water story with a big twist. Criminal “Reverend Mackenzie Boyd” (not his real name) is on the run from Chicago’s most dangerous crime family.

He won’t be able to pull off his greatest con yet without using all of his considerable street smarts, which include pretending to be a clergyman, a profession about which he knows nothing. The stakes could not be higher; if he makes a mistake, he’s done for.

Additionally, doing good deeds is not something that comes naturally after spending a lifetime in the criminal underworld. To his surprise, however, “Mack” will eventually become adept at leading his flock and may even come to enjoy it.

Irreverent is a tale of redemption that, in the end, celebrates the strength of community in a world that desperately needs it.

IRREVERENT features an impressive cast including: COLIN DONNELL (Chicago Med, Arrow) as Mack/Paulo, PJ BYRNE (The Boys, Big Little Lies) as Mackenzie Boyd, KYLIE BRACKNELL (Redfern Now, Black is the New White) as Piper, BRIALLEN CLARKE (The Heights, Doctor Doctor) as Amy, TEGAN STIMSON (The Tailings) as Daisy, ED OXENBOULD (Wildlife, The Visit) as Cameron, WAYNE BLAIR (Mystery Road, Rams) as Peter, RUSSELL DYKSTRA (Rake, Romulus My Father) as Lester, CALEN TASSONE (The Heights, Red Dog: True Blue) as Harry, and JASON WILDER (Love and Penguins) as Aidan.

Airdate: 4 December 2022 on Netflix Australia.