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Australian Story: Jana Pittman airs Mon 1 Nov on ABC TV



Next Monday’s Australian Story spends time with athlete turned medic Jana Pittman, who also recently appeared on SAS Australia. Melinda Gainsford-Taylor introduces the episode.

“In retrospect, it probably was a mistake being so open and wearing my heart on my sleeve.” Jana Pittman.

Jana Pittman reckons she has lived five lives in her 39 years on the planet.

She’s been a world champion hurdler. A mother of four. A doctor in a busy Sydney hospital. And more recently, a reality TV star on SAS Australia.

In her spare time, she’s joined the Army Reserve and is doing a PhD in obstetrics.

Oh, and did we mention that she’s also pregnant with twins?

In this program, Jana talks about her new career in women’s health, her regrets about the period when she was labelled “Drama Jana,” and the surprising twist to her family life.

For the first time, she has allowed a camera crew to follow her new life as a doctor at Sydney’s Blacktown Hospital.

Her parents Jackie and Brian break their silence about the painful period when she went from golden girl to media pariah.

And in another exclusive, Jana’s husband – corporate lawyer Paul Gatward – has spoken about joining the fast lane of Jana’s family life.

And Jana still has one more surprise to reveal.

Producer: Ben Cheshire

Australian Story: Jana Pittman airs Monday 1 November at 8.00pm on ABC TV and iview.