Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains Last Night; Paige Eliminated and Tribes Swap



Australian Survivor Heroes v Villains Last Night; Paige Eliminated and Tribes Swap

In last night’s episode of Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains, it was time for the tribes to switch and another survivor was sent packing.

Shaun, David, Sam, Simon, Jordie, Liz, Nina, and Hayley are now part of the Villains tribe, while Gerry, Steve, George, Ben, Paige, Shonee, and Flick are now part of the Heroes tribe. The alliance between George, Shonee, and Liz was shattered. When Simon made his way to the villains, Jordie was devastated to learn that she would still have to share a tribe with him.

Jordie won an emotional video call home from his pregnant fiancée, Sam Frost, during the iconic Survivor Auction, where she broke the news that they were having a son. George was lucky enough to score an invite to a Survivor party, and he took Shonee and Liz along with him. George won $60,000 and Shonee won an Idol at the celebration.

The new, super-powered villains prevailed in a mental and physical showdown, sending the new Hero tribe to Tribal Council.

George and Shonee settled on Paige as their quarry, and they enlisted the help of Steve and Gerry to do it. Meanwhile, Paige has King George in her sights and has enlisted the help of Flick, Matt, and Ben. The difficulty came from trying to win over Gerry, who was on the fence about joining in.

Paige and George both wanted to get rid of each other at Tribal Council. The score was tied at four apiece until Shonee played her Idol for George and eliminated Paige.

Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains airs next on Sunday 19 February 2023 at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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