Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains Last Night – Sharni Eliminated



The Villains were in a state of turmoil after last night’s heated Tribal Council on Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains. After George exposed Jordie as a traitor, Stevie felt immense gratitude toward Shonee, Liz, and George for rescuing him, and the bromance between Jordie and Simon ended.

To her delight, Shonee discovered that she was the coconut Immunity Idol, the real Idol that matched Simon’s clue, also known as #CookieIdol.

Gerry came back to the Heroes’ camp from the Villains’ feeling a little villainous. He went on to criticize the other heroes for sending him there, revealed that the Meat Tray lads were the rulers of the castle, and suggested that Ben was the dirty rascal.

While discussing last night’s Tribal Council during the Immunity Challenge, George informed the Heroes that Simon has an Idol. After Paige and Sharni failed at the Immunity Challenge, in which they were supposed to hold a box between their feet for as long as possible, Paige blamed Sharni for dropping the box.

Ben, knowing he was next in line for the ax, goes on the hunt for an Idol and finds one, but as he reads the scroll, Matt spies on him from the nearby bushes.

Ben used his charm to get the women to vote for Sharni instead of Gerry at Tribal Council, and then he used his Idol to get Sharni voted off.

Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains Continues Tuesday at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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