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Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Anjali Rao First To Be Eliminated



Australian Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Anjali Rao First To Be Eliminated

The first episode of the new sesason of Australian Survivor: Hereos vs. Villians, aired last night, and it featured the introduction of the show’s 24 castaways.

The cast of Australian Survivor 2023 has a variety of familiar faces, including Season 6 champion Hayley Leake, fellow Season 6 Alumni Flick, and Blood vs. Water winner Nina.

The antagonists from Brains vs. Brawn, Simon and the self-proclaimed “King of Bankstown” George, are back for another shot at the championship. In Australia’s Survivor franchise, the smiling assassin Shonee Bowtell is the first player to appear in three seasons.

After two years of closed borders, the participants are returning to Samoa, the location of the show’s inaugural season.

With 12 of the 24 candidates being returnees, JLP doesn’t waste any time having them battle it out for food, flint, and tools.

While the bad guys are quick to remind audiences of the sleazy strategies (wrestling and stealing to name just two) that made them renowned in the first place. But as the de facto team leader, Shaun Hampson leads the Heroes to a well-deserved triumph.

The first immunity challenge involves a cube that backflips the players into the mud. King George and Jackie, another Champion vs. Challengers contender, both suffer injuries and are sent to the hospital as a result of this poorly conceived obstacle, making it the first and final time it will ever be used.

The villains are thrown off balance by George and Jackie’s injuries, and in typical fashion, they hurry to cross the finish line before they are caught. The Heroes remain level-headed and confident as they cruise to victory. It’s mainly down to ex-AFL players  Sean and David.

The Villains have no idea who to vote out now that George and Jackie are gone. Shonee’s survival paranoia and anxiety have finally gotten the best of her. Michael, a new villain, votes erratically for George. Jordie shoots Michael a look.

Michael, however, doesn’t make enough waves to have his reputation tarnished. JLP gives the villain tribe an update on George and Jackie’s health status during tribal council. Even while George is well and can return to the competition, unfortunate Jackie has broken her collarbone and has been medically released.

Given Jackie’s unexpected exit, JLP inquires of the Villains as to whether or not they wish to continue voting out one of their players. I mean, come on, this is a no-brainer. Simon thinks they wouldn’t really be Villains if they didn’t vote someone out. Liz advises cutting the scab off and kicking the person to the curb. In the end, Anjali is the first competitor to be eliminated.


Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains Season Eight airs tonight at 7.30pm on 10.