“Australian Survivor: Talking Tribal” Will Return Monday 23 January on 10



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 Australian Survivor: Talking Tribal, the show that analyses and discusses Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains, is back on 10 for a fourth season.

In this alliance, Australia Survivor experts Shannon Guss and Khanh Ong will be joined by fan favourites Khanh Ong and Brooke Jowett.

This council of three specialists will meet once a week to evaluate the week’s events, analyse potential blindsides, and make strategic and tactical forecasts for the upcoming episodes.

One week before the premiere of Heroes vs. Villains, on Monday, January 23, the first episode of Australian Survivor: Talking Tribal will launch.

Survivor Australia: Talking Tribal airs on Channel 10. Watch the show or listen to the podcast to learn more about the exciting strategies and pivotal moments that have made Australian Survivor the pinnacle of reality TV competitions.

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