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Back to the Titanic Doco Thurs 16 Sep on SBS



The wreck of RMS Titanic, buried deep on the Atlantic ocean floor, continues to captivate the imagination.

This engaging documentary follows a team of world-class experts as they revisit the most famous ship in the world for the first time in almost fifteen years.

The film makers have unprecedented access to an innovative, high-tech expedition that aims to shed new light on the Titanic, as well as a race against time to find out all they can before the wreck disintegrates.

They discover the metal-eating microbes eroding the vessel and the speed at which it is being reclaimed by nature, as well as tracing a unique family connection and finding clues to exactly how the ship sank.

All this along with incredible 3D modelling created using the first-ever 4K footage of the wreck.

Back To The Titanic premieres Thursday, 16 September at 8.30pm on SBS and On Demand