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Baptiste: BBC (and Netflix) want more of The Missing spin-off



The BBC and Netflix have announced that there will be a second and final outing for world weary detective Julien Baptiste (played with great style by Tchéky Karyo).

The character of Baptiste appeared in the first two seasons of The Missing before getting the lead in his own tense six part investigation which took him to the streets of Amsterdam.

The Missing

The Missing began the BBC in 2015. The first season took us to France where we followed how an English family lost their son and Baptiste was the cop trying to find him. Both parents deal with this completely differently. The father of the family (played by James Nesbitt) wants to do everything to solve the disappearance and bombards Bapitiste with every clue he finds. After the release of the second season (Baptiste being the only link between the two stories), a spin-off called Baptiste also appeared in 2019.


The second season of Baptiste takes place in the Hungarian capital Budapest. Baptiste gets involved when the family of a British ambassador goes missing. Baptiste’s job is made harder when he realises the local police are corrupt. There is no release date announced yet.