Bar Rescue: Mis-Steaks Were Made (Paramount, Sunday June 23, 2024)

Bar Rescue

Bar Rescue returns with a brand new episode, Mis-Steaks Were Made, airing on Paramount Network on Sunday, June 23. In this episode, hospitality expert Dustin Drai is sent to Apache Junction, Arizona, by Jon Taffer to rescue a small-town bar. The bar owners have no prior experience in operations, design, or service, and it’s up to Dustin to turn their business around.

Dustin encounters a challenging situation as the bar owners are resistant to change. He must navigate their strong personalities and lack of industry knowledge to implement the necessary transformations. Dustin is determined to help them improve their operations and create a successful bar.

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This episode will focus on the common issue of inexperienced bar owners and the unique challenges they face. It will offer insights into effective strategies for turning around a struggling bar, including practical tips on improving design, operations, and customer service. Dustin’s expertise and guidance will be put to the test as he works to transform the bar and ensure its long-term success.

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Bar Rescue: Mis-Steaks Were Made airs on Sunday, June 23, 2024, at 10:00 PM on Paramount Network.

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