BBC One’s In My Own Words Reveals Celebrity Subjects

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BBC One’s upcoming series, In My Own Words, has unveiled its first batch of celebrity subjects, including Billy Connolly, Jilly Cooper, Jackie Kay, Hanif Kureishi, and Alison Lapper. This series, from BBC Arts, will offer viewers an intimate look into the lives and creative processes of some of the UK’s most renowned cultural figures.

Each episode will feature an unmediated interview with one of these celebrated individuals, exploring their personal and professional lives. Connolly, a multifaceted talent known for his work in comedy, acting, writing, and music, will reflect on his illustrious career. Meanwhile, Dame Cooper, a distinguished author, will explore her five decades of work and its revealing insights about British society.

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Poet and novelist Jackie Kay will discuss her transformative process of capturing experiences through words, crafting them into powerful poetry and literature. Hanif Kureishi, a versatile artist known for his work in playwriting, screenwriting, and literature, will offer his trademark honesty and wit, providing insight into how his life influences his art.

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The series will also feature artist Alison Lapper, known for her work as a muse. Lapper will share her journey as a mother and the emotional challenges she faced, including the loss of her son, Parys. In My Own Words will combine intimate first-person testimonies with archival footage, offering a unique perspective into the lives of these remarkable individuals.

The series will air on BBC One and iPlayer in the autumn.

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