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BBC Two – Storyville: Three Minutes: A Lengthening



BBC Two - Storyville: Three Minutes: A Lengthening

Three minutes of footage is all that remains of the Jewish community of Nasielsk, Poland, filmed in 1938 by photographer David Kurtz. With narration from Helena Bonham Carter, Three Minutes: A Lengthening unravels the stories hidden in the celluloid with insight from the filmmaker’s grandson and a boy who appears in the faded footage – one of few survivors of the village decimated in the Holocaust.

Storyville: Three Minutes: A Lengthening is a 1 x 70 film for BBC Four and iPlayer made by Family Affair Films. The film is directed by Bianca Stiger, written by Bianca Stiger and Glenn Kurtz and narrated by Helena Bonham-Carter. It is co-produced by Steve McQueen. The footage was filmed by David Kurtz and made available courtesy of the Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The BBC Commissioning Editor, Storyville is Lucie Kon.