Beacon 23, April 21, 2024, MGM+, “Iris”

Beacon 23

The latest episode of the sci-fi series Beacon 23, airing on MGM+ on April 21, sees Iris, the keeper of Beacon 67, learn of Halan’s distress on Beacon 23. She decides to go and help him, only to be shocked by the state of disrepair she finds the beacon in. As they set about repairing it, a strange occurrence leaves them both confused and terrified.

This episode builds on the season’s central narrative, which revolves around the mysterious Beacon 23 and its inhabitants. In previous episodes, viewers learned that Halan is an AWOL soldier with PTSD-related hallucinations, who claims to be the keeper of the beacon. However, it is revealed that he murdered the previous keeper, Solomon, and that he is not alone—other characters, including Aster, a government agent, and a group of bandits called the Wreckers, also arrive at the beacon.

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In the upcoming episode, Iris joins Halan and Aster at Beacon 23, adding a new dynamic to the group as they work together to repair the beacon and face unknown challenges.

Beacon 23 airs on MGM+ at 9.00 pm on Sunday, April 21, 2024.

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