Ben Barnes and Mary-Louise Parker Lead MGM+ Stephen King Series ‘The Institute’

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MGM+ is set to debut an eight-episode thriller series based on Stephen King’s 2019 novel, ‘The Institute’. The show marks another television adaptation of King’s celebrated literary repertoire, this time centering around the mysterious facility known as The Institute. Ben Barnes and Mary-Louise Parker are heading up the cast.

In the series, 12-year-old genius Luke Ellis is abruptly kidnapped and finds himself confined within the titular institution. He soon discovers that The Institute houses other children with exceptional abilities, all of whom have similarly enigmatic origins. Meanwhile, in a nearby town, Tim Jamieson (played by Ben Barnes), a former police officer seeking a quiet life, takes on a new job. However, his path is destined to intertwine with Luke’s, adding a layer of complexity to the narrative.

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Barnes’s character, Tim Jamieson, is described as a disillusioned ex-cop wishing to withdraw from the world. In contrast, Mary-Louise Parker plays Ms. Sigsby, the iron-willed director of The Institute. Ms. Sigsby is convinced that her work with the children will ultimately be viewed as heroic, justifying her actions within the facility.

The series is directed and executive-produced by Jack Bender, known for his work on King adaptations ‘Mr. Mercedes’ and ‘Under the Dome.’ Benjamin Cavell, writer and executive producer, has previously adapted King’s ‘The Stand’ into a Paramount+ miniseries.

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Commenting on the series, King expressed his delight, stating, “I’m delighted and excited at the prospect of The Institute, with its high-intensity suspense, being filmed as a series. The combination of Jack Bender and Ben Cavell guarantees that the results will be terrific.”

Michael Wright, head of MGM+, shared similar sentiments, saying, “There is no creative team I would trust more to bring the book to life than Jack and Ben, whose creative vision and love of Mr. King’s voice, will bring this thought-provoking and gut-wrenching story to life.”

Production is expected to begin in Nova Scotia later this year.

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