Better Homes & Gardens (Channel 7 Friday 28 June 2024)

Better Homes and Gardens Channel 7

On the latest episode of Better Homes & Gardens, Johanna Griggs catches up with Julie Goodwin, and Graham Ross explores the fascinating world of orchids. The episode airs Friday, June 28, 2024, on Channel 7.

Johanna spends time with Julie Goodwin, who has been a familiar face on TV screens for 15 years and is known for her best-selling cookbooks and radio appearances. Julie discusses her career, life as a grandmother, and her new venture, Dancing with the Stars, as she steps out of her comfort zone.

Johanna joins Julie during playtime with her granddaughter and visits her studio, where she showcases her artistic talents beyond cooking. They also whip up a family favourite: spinach and ricotta cannelloni.

Adam turns his attention to golf enthusiasts and those seeking entertainment for their kids. He demonstrates how to build a mini-golf course using artificial grass and off-cuts of timber from DIY projects. It’s a fun project that can be completed in a day, just in time for a Sunday tournament.

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As winter sets in, Colin shows viewers that barbecue season doesn’t have to end. He shares his recipe for Pork and Sage Skewers with a Rustic Pumpkin Salad, utilising a simple spice-filled marinade that infuses flavour into both the meat and the salad.

Graham Ross, a lover of orchids, embarks on an “orchid crawl” to meet enthusiasts who grow these exotic flowers. He visits their homes to admire the vibrant blooms and gather tips for viewers on cultivating these fascinating plants.

Melissa, with the help of Susan, the Succulent Queen, demonstrates two methods for propagating succulents, a cost-effective way to add beauty to your garden.

Charlie provides a step-by-step guide to paving 101, offering essential insights for those looking to create walkways or entertaining spaces in their gardens.

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Juliet offers a clever trick for thick curtains, allowing you to control privacy and light during both day and night. She also showcases a budget-friendly way to add colour and design to your walls with a rising sun artwork that anyone can create.

Dr. Harry provides advice for backyard chicken keepers, helping them increase egg production and ensure their hens are happy and healthy, even when they’re away for the weekend.

Adam has a handy tip for tool organisation, teaching viewers how to quickly identify the right spanner for the job by marking the corresponding size on the tools.

Lastly, Melissa delves into the ancient art of Floriography, revealing how different flowers and their arrangements convey various meanings when given as gifts.

Better Homes & Gardens airs Friday, 28 June 2024, at 7:00 PM on Channel 7 and 7TWO.

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