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Big Brother VIP: Matt Cooper Evicted and The General is in



The General is back in the game

It’s day five in the Big Brother VIP Hotel and Omarosa completed her final task before leaving: sharing two hours of valuable intel with one of the greatest players of all time, Danny “The General” Hayes, before he entered the game.

After a restless night, Imogen Anthony opened up to Jessika Power about her ex, radio host Kyle Sandilands, and why their relationship didn’t work out. “He was just working so much, it was just work, work, work, and I want to have kids. We just kind of grew apart.”

Imogen continued: “He’s like, ‘I want you back’, but apparently, he’s seeing this other human, and he’s like playing both sides. I’m like ‘C’mon!’. Then he’s denying that he’s playing both sides. I’m thinking what other choice do I have? This is the person I’ve been with for so long. And then all of a sudden, things were just too undeniable and I was like ‘What are you doing?’. I don’t understand how he could lie so well to me because he was my best friend for so long.”

With the food rations wearing thin, the VIPs took their groceries to the diary room and asked Big Brother for more food. Big Brother responded with a 24-hour food task to increase their food budget. From a potential prize pool of $760, the housemates won $340, with Jessika admitting she let them down by refusing to get out of bed during the night.

By breaking the emergency glass and pressing the red button, Luke Toki unwittingly released Danny into the VIP hotel, where he revealed he had been watching them all for the past two days.

Team Ellie won Big Brother’s box challenge, leaving team captain Ellie to nominate three VIPs for eviction: Thomas Markle Jr., Josh Carroll and Matt Cooper. Former NRL legend Matt became the second VIP to be evicted, scoring six votes. “I just got blindsided big time,” he said. “I’m shocked. I’m gutted, really. They voted me out obviously because they thought I was a big threat. I was just getting warmed up.”

Monday on Big Brother VIP: Thomas Markle reveals what’s in his new letter to Meghan and Harry, while Caitlyn Jenner opens up on her relationship with Kris Jenner. And the game intensifies as our VIPS are pushed to breaking point.

The Big Brother VIP 2021 stars are:

Bernard Curry – Actor

Caitlyn Jenner – Olympian and Political Candidate

Danny Hayes – Big Brother 2021 Favourite

Dayne Beams – Former AFL Captain

Ellie Gonsalves – Actress and Model

Imogen Anthony – Fashion Designer and Model

Jessika Power – Reality TV Star

Josh Carroll – Model and Content Creator

Luke Toki – Reality TV Fan Favourite

Matt Cooper – NRL Superstar

Omarosa – Political Aide and Author

Thomas Markle Jr. – Famous Big Brother

Big Brother VIP – 7.30pm Monday to Wednesday on Channel 7 and 7plus