Billy the Kid: A Debt Collected (MGM+, Sunday, June 2, 2024)

In “A Debt Collected,” airing on MGM+ on Sunday June 2, the del Toboscos find themselves in a precarious situation as they fail to repay their debt, resulting in an unexpected ambush by the notorious 7 Rivers Gang.

In the face of this challenge, Billy rises to the occasion, declaring that he and his trusted Regulators will take control of Lincoln and rid the town of the menacing thugs that plague it. However, an unforeseen twist emerges with the introduction of a new Sheriff.

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In this action-packed episode, Billy and his Regulators find themselves facing off against the 7 Rivers Gang, a group of ruthless outlaws. The del Toboscos, unable to repay their debt, become targets and are ambushed. Billy, ever the courageous leader, makes a bold vow to take back Lincoln and eliminate the gang. As they set out on their mission, an unexpected obstacle arises in the form of a new Sheriff, who could potentially disrupt their plans.

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This episode marks a turning point in Billy’s journey, as he and his Regulators aim to bring justice to Lincoln. With the introduction of a new Sheriff, the dynamics of the town shifts, creating an intriguing power struggle.

Billy the Kid: A Debt Collected airs Sunday, June 2, 2024, at 9:00 p.m. on MGM+.

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