Billy the Kid, The Blood-Soaked Bible (MGM+, Sunday, June 16, 2024)

Billy The Kid

In the seventh episode of Billy the Kid’s second season on MGM+, entitled “The Blood-Soaked Bible,” Lincoln is on lockdown, creating a tense atmosphere. Meanwhile, Murphy’s House celebrates, and the Regulators look out for their own, shooting a soldier.

The episode, airing on Sunday June 16, continues to explore the life and times of the famous American outlaw Billy the Kid, born William H. Bonney. It focuses on the events that shaped his life, from his Irish roots to his role in the Lincoln County War, presenting a fascinating portrait of this legendary figure in American history.

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With each episode, the series builds upon the narrative arc, offering new insights into Billy the Kid’s character and the world he navigated.

Billy the Kid, The Blood-Soaked Bible airs on MGM+ on Sunday, June 16, 2024, at 9:00 p.m.

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