Blue Lights, 22 April 2024, BBC One, “Iceberg”

Blue Lights

Blue Lights returns with its second series, and in this episode, “Iceberg,” a loyalist gangland feud intensifies, putting pressure on the team. Constable Annie Conlon finds herself in a predicament as she makes an impetuous decision while off duty.

The episode, airing on BBC One on Monday 22 April, begins with Annie and new recruit Shane Bradley rescuing Dixie’s family from a fire. However, the situation escalates when Grace and Stevie encounter the loyalist gang leader, leading to a scuffle. Dixie, concerned about his family, suspects foul play and believes someone threw a petrol bomb into his flat.

The investigation uncovers a rivalry between Dixie and his rival, Lee Thompson, suggesting a potential turf war brewing on the Mount Eden Estate. To gain intelligence, the team considers bringing back former sergeant David ‘Jonty’ Johnston, who has contacts in the area.

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Meanwhile, Lee Thompson meets with Tina McIntyre, offering her an alternative to Dixie and Hamill’s drug connection. He plans a parade, despite warnings from his uncle Rab, who fears the event could escalate tensions. As the band marches, Dixie and Hamill exchange threats, foreshadowing trouble ahead.

The episode concludes with a shocking twist as Dixie is shot dead by a gunman, leaving viewers wondering if Lee Thomson or his rival, Davy Hamill, ordered the hit.

Blue Lights continues to deliver gripping storylines, complex characters, and intense police drama.

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Blue Lights airs on BBC One at 9.00 pm on Monday, 22 April 2024.

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