Botched Bariatrics: Holy Moly (TLC, May 22, 2024)


A brand new episode of Botched Bariatrics is bringing more dramatic stories of patients whose lives have been impacted by complications from bariatric surgery. The episode, titled “Holy Moly,” airs on Wednesday May 22 on TLC, offering insights into the challenging journeys of two individuals.

In this episode, viewers will meet Alice Jean, who is living with an unusual and noticeable consequence of a botched lap band removal surgery. The procedure has left her with six belly buttons, forming an unexpected golf course-like pattern on her stomach. Meanwhile, the episode also focuses on Simone, who is desperately seeking a solution to her uncontrollable vomiting issue. Both patients are in need of expert help to address these unique and distressing situations.

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Botched Bariatrics is a reality show that sheds light on the often-unseen complications arising from bariatric surgery. Each episode presents the stories of individuals whose lives have been turned upside down, requiring the intervention of specialized doctors.

Botched Bariatrics: Holy Moly airs Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at 10:00 PM on TLC.

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