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Branson Australia Premiere 2 December on Binge




Branson, the four part HBO documentary series, will get an Australian premiere Friday 2 December on Binge and FOX Docos.

In light of the risk that lies ahead, Richard Branson sits down for a conversation with acclaimed filmmaker Chris Smith sixteen days before he is scheduled to fly as the first passenger into space in his own spacecraft in July 2021. In the end, Smith takes us on a vast and intimate 70-year journey, starting with Branson’s upbringing as the son of a fiery, tough-love mother in Britain and ending with his pursuits of extreme, personal daredevilry that both help to grow the brands of his businesses and satiate his insatiable, lifelong thirst for high-stakes adventure. Branson reveals the ups and downs of a man driven by risk taking in both his professional and personal life, reflecting on the costs and benefits of his lifelong, relentless optimism and boundary-pushing. He does this with additional insight from family members, business associates, and journalists, and is illustrated by decades of archival and home video footage.

Branson began his entrepreneurial career as a 15-year-old publisher of a student magazine after dropping out of school where he struggled with dyslexia. With the booming success of Virgin Records, Branson went on to become a millionaire by the age of 22. After launching a number of other Virgin-branded businesses with varying degrees of success, including the airline Virgin Atlantic, he launched Virgin Galactic, his commercial spaceflight company, in 2004. Branson has consistently positioned the Virgin brand front and center in all of his world-record-breaking transoceanic boat and balloon challenges as well as his current mission to take customers into space. Branson continues to be a complex character who is dedicated to both his own success and charitable causes.

The series includes candid interviews with Branson as well as his associates and staff, as well as viewpoints from business journalists and industry experts. A vast personal archive of Branson’s late mother Eve, whose vibrant presence continues to loom large in his life, is also included. There are revealing excerpts from conversations with his wife of 33 years, Joan, his sisters, his daughters Holly and Sam, as well as intimate interviews with other members of his family.

Directed by Chris Smith; executive produced by Kate Noble. Executive producers Nancy Abraham and Lisa Heller, senior producer Tina Nguyen.

Branson premieres Friday 2 December on Binge and at 11.00pm on FOX Docos with new episodes available weekly.