Bridge of Lies Celebrity Special: Chris McCausland, Richie Anderson, Sheree Murphy, Scarlette Douglas (BBC One, 18 May 2024)

Bridge of Lies Celebrity Specials

The exciting game show Bridge of Lies returns with another star-studded Celebrity Special, this time featuring comedian Chris McCausland, BBC Radio 2 presenter Richie Anderson, presenter and soap star Sheree Murphy, and TV presenter Scarlette Douglas. The episode will air on BBC One on Saturday, 18 May 2024, at 6:05 pm.

In this high-stakes quiz, the team of celebrities will take on the challenging Bridge of Lies, putting their knowledge to the test for their chosen charities. Each celebrity will face the bridge alone, encountering 32 potential steps, including 22 truths and ten lies. Their goal is to navigate the bridge by selecting truths and avoiding lies, earning money for each correct answer. However, stepping on a lie will halve their earnings, and encountering three lies will mean elimination.

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As the game progresses, those who successfully cross the bridge will unite for the final crossing, where they will have the chance to win cash for their charities. The pressure is on as they must rely on their knowledge and strategy to find the safe path across the bridge.

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Bridge of Lies Celebrity Specials: Chris McCausland, Richie Anderson, Sheree Murphy, and Scarlette Douglas, airs Saturday, 18 May 2024, at 6:05 pm on BBC One.

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