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BritBox US Unveils Lovejoy Series 1 and 2, Starring Ian McShane as the Irresistible Rogue Antiques Dealer




BritBox US is set to release the first two series of the beloved British comedy-drama mystery series Lovejoy on Monday April 22, offering subscribers a chance to venture into the world of antiques dealing and intrigue. The show, based on the novels by John Grant under the pen name Jonathan Gash, stars Ian McShane as the charismatic and roguish antiques dealer, Lovejoy.

A Charming Rogue and His Adventures

Lovejoy, described as an “irresistible rogue,” is a less-than-scrupulous yet endearing antique dealer based in East Anglia. With a keen eye for antiques, he scours auction halls, stately homes, and murky salerooms, always on the lookout for valuable finds. Part-time detective, Lovejoy frequently finds himself entangled in the underbelly of the antiques industry, often getting snared in its greed and deceit.

The series follows Lovejoy’s adventures and his interactions with a colorful cast of characters, including his enthusiastic yet dim-witted assistant, Eric Catchpole (Chris Jury), and his friends, the “barker” Tinker Dill (Dudley Sutton) and the flirtatious Lady Jane Felsham (Phyllis Logan). Lady Jane, who often aids Lovejoy in his deals, has a friendly rivalry with his landlord and nemesis, the auction house owner Charlie Gimbert (Malcolm Tierney).

A Journey Through the World of Antiques and Intrigue

The first series of Lovejoy introduces viewers to the world of antique dealing and the intriguing characters within it. In the first episode, titled “The Firefly Cage,” Lovejoy encounters a gang of antique thieves and a cache of loot linked to a beautifully carved firefly cage made of coal. This sets the tone for the series, blending mystery, humor, and a touch of romance.


Over the course of the first two series, Lovejoy finds himself entangled with a variety of characters, from a reformed drug addict seeking his help to recover valuable statuettes to a collector of flintlock pistols who is murdered for a set of dueling pistols. In “The Axeman Cometh,” Lovejoy connives to win a Welsh oak dresser at an auction, only to discover a shocking secret when his assistant, Eric, finds a stuck door.

A Beloved Series Returns

Lovejoy first aired on BBC1 in 1986 and quickly gained a dedicated following. However, there was a five-year gap between the first and second series, with the show returning in 1991. Despite the hiatus, the original four cast members reprised their roles for the second and third series. The show concluded its sixth and final series in 1994, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and solidifying its place in British television history.

With the release of the first two series on BritBox US, fans and newcomers alike can immerse themselves in the world of Lovejoy, experiencing the charm, intrigue, and humor that made the show a beloved classic. It’s a journey through the world of antiques, where nothing is quite as it seems, and the line between friend and foe is often blurred.


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