Call The Midwife, April 28, 2024, PBS, “Season 13 Episode 7”

Call the Midwife

The seventh episode of Call The Midwife’s thirteenth season airs Sunday April 28 on PBS.

In 1969, the midwives of Poplar continue to face challenges as the popularity of home births rises. This time a young mother goes into labor amid Violet’s first event as mayor.” Violet, now the mayor of Poplar, will have to navigate the demands of her position while also supporting the young mother.

Last week’s episode focused on Trixie and Matthew’s marital struggles as Matthew’s financial woes came to light. Trixie, who has been known for her love of material possessions, discovers that Matthew has been hiding his money troubles and is facing bankruptcy. The situation causes tension in their marriage, and Trixie is left to grapple with the reality of their changed circumstances.

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Meanwhile, the Nonnatus House team encounters a young mother, Deirdre, who is found collapsed at the docks. They learn that she abandoned her two young sons in a church due to homelessness and an abusive husband. Deirdre gives birth to a baby girl, and with the help of the midwives, she starts on a path to recovery and regaining custody of her children.

Another storyline involves Gladys, a debt collector, who is diagnosed with terminal cancer caused by secondary exposure to asbestos through her father’s work clothes. Initially, Gladys refuses treatment, but Sister Monica Joan convinces her to join a clinical trial, giving her a chance at a few more months of life.

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The pupil midwives, including Rosalind and Joyce, also face their final exams, with Sister Julienne and Phyllis offering support and guidance.

Call The Midwife Season 13 Episode 7 airs Sunday April 28, 2024 at 8.00pm on PBS.

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