Canal Boat Diaries: Coventry to Weedon Bec (Yesterday, 12 June 2024)

Narrow Boat

In the latest episode of Canal Boat Diaries, Robbie navigates his way from Coventry to Weedon Bec, encountering challenges and making memorable stops along the way. The episode airs on Yesterday on 12 June 2024 at 7:00 pm.

Robbie experiences a bumpy ride as he takes a tumble at Buckby Locks in Northamptonshire, but he quickly recovers and continues his journey. He finds a peaceful mooring spot in Braunston, a beloved canal village, where he catches up with a friend and makes a special purchase for his boat, the Naughty Lass.

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As he explores Braunston, Robbie immerses himself in the narrowboating community, connecting with like-minded people who share his passion for canal life. He also takes the time to appreciate the village’s charm and beauty, making the most of his time onshore.

With his new chimney in hand, Robbie sets off again, eager to put it to use and continue his adventure. He embraces the unpredictable nature of canal travel, always ready for whatever surprises lie ahead.

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Canal Boat Diaries: Coventry to Weedon Bec airs on Yesterday on Wednesday 12 June 2024 at 7:00 pm.

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