Canal Boat Diaries: Wolverhampton to Anglesey Basin (Yesterday, Friday 7 June 2024)

Narrow Boat

Canal Boat Diaries returns with a challenging journey for Robbie Cumming in the upcoming episode, Wolverhampton to Anglesey Basin, airing on Yesterday on Friday, 7 June 2024, at 7 pm. Robbie faces a series of obstacles as he navigates through the Bradley Arm and the Ridgacre Branch.

In this episode, Robbie encounters water weed and silt, which hinder his progress. He also faces a setback when a rope becomes entangled around his propeller while navigating the Walsall Lock flight. Despite these challenges, Robbie remains determined to reach his destination of Anglesey Basin.

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The episode follows Robbie as he navigates his narrowboat across the Midlands and northern England, a journey totaling 300 miles. Along the way, he faces a variety of difficulties, testing his resilience and problem-solving skills.

Canal Boat Diaries continues to present engaging and insightful narratives of life on the canals, offering a unique perspective on travel and exploration.

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Canal Boat Diaries: Wolverhampton to Anglesey Basin airs on Friday, 7 June 2024, at 7 pm on Yesterday.

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