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Carlton Cuse, Graham Roland and Paramount planning a Jack Ryan series



As the protagonist of a book and film series Jack Ryan (the character created by Tom Clancy) is a world wide success. Now it looks like he might be heading to the small screen. Paramount TV are behind the project, for which producer Carlton Cuse, and the former “lost” writer Graham Roland have developed a screenplay. According to Deadline multiple networks are keen to get on board with the project.

The series is not directly adapted from the novels, but instead will focus on a particular section in the life history of Ryan. Initially, Jack Ryan in the novels works as a investment banker, after leaving the military following a helicopter crash. Later he lands a teaching job in the NAVY, becomes an analyst at the CIA and eventually ascends to a Deputy Director there.

Ryan’s time at the CIA in the Centre shall of course be the focus for the series which will be set in the present day.

So far four actors of portrayed Jack Ryan in five Paramount films: Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine.

The series is being developed by Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes production company.