Casualty 24/7: Season 9 Episode 2 (Channel 5, May 22, 2024)

Channel 5 Medical Documentary

The Barnsley Casualty team faces a busy Bank Holiday weekend in a new episode of Casualty 24/7, airing on Channel 5 on Wednesday 22 May. The episode follows the team as they brace themselves for a chaotic day, with Sister Jane and Consultant James Griffiths in charge of the shift.

The episode begins with the first emergency: 52-year-old Maggie, who is rushed to the hospital after a serious car crash. Doctor Griffiths, who lives nearby, started treating Maggie before his shift even began. She has osteoporosis, a bone disease, and is suspected to have badly broken her leg.

Meanwhile, in Minors, Emergency Nurse Practitioner Clare, the latest addition to the Barnsley Casualty team, tends to 70-year-old Stephen, who suffered a deep head wound after falling while walking his neighbor’s dog. Clare must carefully remove all the grit embedded in his skin to prevent infection.

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Back in the Hub, Sister Jane struggles to coordinate the crowded department, while Doctor Griffiths wades through a sea of patients. One of his next patients is 26-year-old Jordan, who hurt his hand while riding a motocross bike. A potential broken bone could impact his livelihood.

In paediatrics, Advanced Nurse Practitioner Liam tends to nine-year-old Harrison, who has severe sunburn from a day at the beach, with his father, Nathan, by his side.

The team must navigate through the challenges of a busy Bank Holiday, made even more chaotic by a key football match. The Barnsley team expects patient numbers to rise significantly after the game, adding further pressure to the already hectic shift.

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Casualty 24/7 offers a unique insight into the lives of the dedicated medical professionals at Barnsley Casualty. The documentary series, currently in its ninth season, captures the intense and life-saving work that happens within the hospital walls.

Casualty 24/7: Season 9 Episode 2 airs Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at 9:00 p.m. on Channel 5.

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