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CBBC at Christmas 2022



cbbc at christmas 2022


Malory Towers Christmas Special

Hit family drama, Malory Towers, returns to CBBC for a topping Christmas special!

Darrell and friends head off on their Christmas hols. But Darrell’s festive season doesn’t go to plan when she is forced to stay at the school! With Matron and Miss Grayling stranded out in a storm, Darrell is left alone…But it appears she isn’t as alone as she first thought when strange things start happening around the school…

This sparkling Christmas special, written by lead writers Rachel Flowerday and Sasha Hails features all your favourite Malory Towers characters in a spooky seasonal setting; full of surprises and singing, it shows how the love of friends and family can triumph!

Malory Towers (2 x 25) is made by King Bert Productions and WildBrain. The special is directed by Bruce McDonald and produced by David Collier. The Executive Producer is Jo Sargent. Executive Producers for the BBC are Amy Buscombe and Alison Davis.

One Zoo Three Christmas Special

CBBC & BBC iPlayer

It’s a winter wonderland at the One Zoo Three zoo as the three brothers, Aaron, Tyler and Cam, get the zoo ready for the big festive day.

Cam helps prepare the essential Christmas reindeer, Pluto, Aurora and Sky, to deliver some tasty festive treats to the wallabies and emus before they move on to take some delicious Xmas treats to the rare Amur tigers, Sibera and Aleena! Aaron, Tyler and Cam then rope in some of the other animals for their ultimate Brussel sprout challenge! Will the tapirs, Tim and Tam, win the veggie race or are Tilly and Nam Pang, the red pandas, in with a shout of tasting success? Meanwhile, Albert and Akiki, the African penguins, are incubating an egg – and looking forward to welcoming a festive fluffy chick!

The One Zoo Three Christmas special is made by True to Nature Ltd and was commissioned by BBC Children’s Head of Commissioning and Acquisitions 7+, Sarah Muller. The Executive Producer from True to Nature is Wendy Darke and Series Producer Stuart Derrick.

Dodger Christmas Special

CBBC & BBC iPlayer

CBBC’s hit family show Dodger is back for an action-packed Christmas Special! Set at Christmas Eve, the gang return under the watchful eye of Fagin (Christopher Eccleston).

This Christmas Dodger (Billy Jenkins) attempts his most daring mission ever – he’s going to break into Number 10 Downing Street, home of the Prime Minister William Lamb (Robert Lindsay) and Countess Cowper (Jane Horrocks). With police stationed at every turn and a very special Christmas party going on inside, it’s not going to be easy. But the ever-intrepid Dodger has given his word to the kind toymaker (Anita Dobson) that he’ll retrieve her precious doll, which is nestled under the Prime Minister’s Christmas tree!

Meanwhile, Polly (Ellie-May Sheridan) has a plan to put a goose on the gang’s Christmas table. It’s all going well until Bullseye shows up. A goose herder he ain’t…

Dodger is produced by Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group. It is written by Rhys Thomas, who also directs, and Lucy Montgomery. Mark Freeland is Executive Producer for Universal International Studios and Amy Buscombe is Executive Producer for the BBC. It was commissioned for CBBC by Sarah Muller.