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CBC Celebrates The 50th Anniversary Of Marketplace



CBC News’ award-winning consumer-affairs program, MARKETPLACE, marks five decades of uncovering the truth about popular products and services. Using innovative testing and hidden cameras, a team of investigative journalists fights for transparency and change in industries across Canada, through in-depth investigations that span global marketplaces.  Season 50 kicks off this Friday, October 7, at 8 p.m. (8:30 NT) on CBC TV and CBC Gem with a special one hour broadcast; Celebrating Marketplace’s 50th Season. MARKETPLACE co-host, David Common, and former host of 16 years, Erica Johnson, look back on the impact of the show’s investigations, promises tested, and policies changed.

“The tips and tricks have changed over the years, but the reason Marketplace journalists keep on pushing for answers has never wavered; this show makes real change in the everyday lives of Canadians,” said Susan Marjetti, General Manager of News, Current Affairs & Local, CBC. “In 50 years the show has produced more than 1000 stories that all have one thing in common: having the consumer’s back. This consistent Marketplace promise helps viewers across the country spend less, invest better, and make really smart decisions about their health and safety.”

Hosts Asha Tomlinson, David Common and Charlsie Agro, along with guest hosts this season, Rosa Marchitelli and Travis Dhanraj, take on big companies and hold governments to account, through a range of investigations including hospital wait times and mortgage fraud. MARKETPLACE will bring in experts to make sense of food labels on packaged goods being marketed as a healthy choice, and the show will share more of its signature retail tips to help protect Canadian wallets. Plus, the team goes undercover in Mexico to expose questionable cancer cures.

In the 50th anniversary special, past and present hosts share their thoughts on investigations with impact, and share some wild moments from the vault. For instance, things got dicey for David Common while undercover in India investigating call centre scammers; Asha Tomlinson tackled issues of race, discrimination, and social justice through a consumer lens in the ongoing Face Racism series, and by shining a light on the skin-whitening industry; and Charlsie Agro exposed the high cost of fast fashion.

When MARKETPLACE first premiered on October 5, 1972, Joan Watson was at the helm alongside co-host George Finstad, and already making waves as a rare woman television host. That first episode explored a topic familiar to current viewers: the rising cost of food in Canada.

Iconic Canadian musician, Stompin’ Tom Connors, wrote the original theme song titled, The Consumer. To mark the landmark anniversary of the show, MARKETPLACE commissioned a new ode to the consumer from Halifax-based hip hop artist, Aquakultre, who performs the song as part of the Celebrating Marketplace’s 50th Season broadcast special.

MARKETPLACE is Canada’s only consumer investigative program with news, tips and explainers available on CBC TV, CBC Gem,, or @cbcmarketplace on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.