Channel 4 Comedy “Big Boys” Renewed for Series 3

Big Boys Renewed Channel 4

The Channel 4 comedy series Big Boys is back for a third round, continuing the story of an unlikely friendship between two university students, Jack and Danny. Created by Jack Rooke, the semi-autobiographical show is inspired by Rooke’s personal experiences with grief, sexuality, and university life. The concept began life as Rooke’s trio of live comedy shows ‘Good Grief’, ‘Happy Hour’ and ‘Love Letters’.

The series stars Dylan Llewellyn as the shy and closeted 19-year-old student Jack, and Jon Pointing as the outgoing 25-year-old mature student Danny, who loves socialising and chatting up women. The first season, which aired in 2022, received critical acclaim and averaged 410,000 viewers within seven days of broadcast.

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Big Boys has been praised for its honest portrayal of grief, coming-of-age themes, and exploration of men’s mental health and sexuality. It won the Best Sitcom award at the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Awards. The second season, which aired from December 2023 to January 2024, dug deeper into the lives of Jack and Danny during their second year at university, featuring gay encounters, work experiences, and lifestyle changes.

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