Channel 4 Orders Second Series of ‘The Jury: Murder Trial’

Channel 4

Channel 4 has announced a second series of ‘The Jury: Murder Trial’, a unique program that examines the jury system by recreating a real murder trial. The new series will follow the same format as the first, using original transcripts and two randomly selected juries, unaware of each other’s existence, to explore the intricacies of justice.

Filmed over ten days in a former Essex courthouse, the show will see actors will recreate the trial, with the two juries watching from separate compartments in the courtroom, unaware of the other’s presence.

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The first series sparked intriguing questions about the jury system and the impact of individual perspectives on legal decisions. It was interesting to see how one person’s opinion could turn the tide and produce a verdict that they were convinced was the right one. A shot of one of the jurors fist-pumping as he re-entered the deliberation room when he realised that he had managed to bring several people round to his way of thinking really brought home just how random the process really is. In the real world case the defendant was found guilty of manslaughter here both sets of juries returned different verdicts.

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‘The Jury: Murder Trial’ is a strong concept that offers a rare glimpse into the usually secretive world of jury deliberations.

The first series is available to stream now on Channel 4.

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