Channel 4 Want More Carry on Glamping for Johnny Vegas



Johnny Vegas opened a glamping site last year. The location, which was set in the North Yorkshire countryside, has a collection of vintage vehicles, including an ancient Maltese bus that was meticulously repaired and named for Johnny’s late mother, Patricia.

Now, the award-winning comedian and entertainer is growing his glamping business, and Channel 4 has ordered a second season of Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping from Plum Pictures.

This new six-part series follows Johnny and his long-suffering assistant Bev as they work to grow their company. The Yorkshire glampsite finally opened in 2021 after two years of hard preparation and overcoming a number of setbacks, including a ferry fire and a tragic crash that damaged Patricia – not to mention a pandemic – and became a roaring success with bookings aplenty.

Unfortunately, due to planning restrictions, the site cannot be expanded, so Johnny and Bev are looking for a new home for their varied collection of repurposed vehicles, which they share with fellow aficionados Claire and Jim. This new difficulty hasn’t prevented Johnny from purchasing more vehicles in severe need of repair, including an ancient helicopter, to to Bev’s dismay.

Johnny wants this new property to be able to hold events, comedy festivals, music gigs, and weddings for vintage-loving couples, in addition to housing their growing collection of automobiles. And, of course, Johnny hopes to finally get ordained online and perform a few weddings himself!

This endeavour will test Johnny’s and, more significantly, Bev’s abilities to the breaking point.

Johnny Vegas said: “It blew both Bev and I away how lovingly received Carry on Glamping was – I still think it should’ve been called ‘What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong’. Still, the success of our wee field and the joy every vehicle brought to so many was heart-warming. Between Patricia and Lol’s Bar it definitely helped keep their memory alive and gave me the bug for rescuing more vehicles in need of a loving home.

“My bank manager, accountant and, of course, Bev are all thrilled that we we’re not stopping at just one Maltese bus. We will dearly miss our field and friends in Yorkshire, but the search for a new home to park our dreams upon has indeed begun, as planning meant we couldn’t expand and I’d have nowhere to park my new, well presently knackered, helicopter (UK bought as Bev has said strictly no more imports or burning ferries!).

“Oh, and preferably nowhere with a barn nearby!”

Jonny Rothery, commissioning editor for Channel 4, said: “Following Johnny’s journey to open his glampsite was a rollercoaster of emotions, funny, heartfelt, perilous and poignant. I’m so pleased Johnny and Bev are back to do it all again, and in a longer series commission, as we see them attempt to bring even bigger plans to life.”

Will Daws, Managing Director, Plum Pictures, said: “Having just survived the emotional highs and lows of series one, my therapist thinks it’s important to throw myself straight back into a second series. Working with Johnny and Bev is never dull – Johnny’s unbridled enthusiasm and excitement alongside Bev’s pragmatic but fiercely loyal temperament makes them a force to be reckoned with.”

Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping is a 6×60’ series made by Plum Pictures. It was commissioned for Channel 4 by Jonny Rothery, commissioning editor, Entertainment & Live Events and the executive producers and Will Daws and Stuart Cabb.

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