Channel 5 Reveals Cast for New Drama The Hardacres

Channel 5

Casting has been announced for The Hardacres, a new period drama for Channel 5 based on CL Skelton’s best-selling series of novels ‘The Hardacre Saga’. Currently filming in Ireland.

The Hardacres: Old School Saga

Channel 5 has revealed the cast for the upcoming period drama “The Hardacres,” a six-part series based on CL Skelton’s popular novels “The Hardacre Saga.” The show is being produced by Playground and is currently being filmed in Dublin and Wicklow, Ireland. The story follows the Hardacre family as they transition from working on a fish dock to living on a large estate in 1890s Yorkshire.

The series will feature actors Claire Cooper and Liam McMahon as Mary and Sam Hardacre, along with Julie Graham as Mary’s mother, Ma. The three children, Joe, Liza, and Harry, will be played by Adam Little, Shannon Lavelle, and Zak Ford-Williams, respectively. “The Hardacres” also includes a supporting cast of characters played by Holly Sturton, Cathy Belton, Owen Roe, Ingrid Craigie, Siobhan O’Kelly, and Taheen Modak.

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David Stern, Executive Producer and Joint Managing Director of Playground, commented on the casting, expressing excitement about the talented group of actors who will bring the story to life on screen. Similarly, Simon Cox, Executive Producer and EVP Content & Acquisitions at Banijay Rights, praised the ensemble cast assembled for the show.

The show is being created for television by Amy Roberts and Loren McLaughlan, who are also serving as lead writers and executive producers. The series is set to be broadcast in 2024 and will be distributed internationally by Banijay Rights. Playground is producing the series in association with Screen Ireland, Red Berry Productions, and Newgrange Pictures.

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