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Channel 5 Send Alexander Armstrong to “Sri Lanka” For New Travelogue Series



Channel 5 Send Alexander Armstrong to Sri Lanka For New Travelogue Series

After last year’s series, “Alexander Armstrong in South Korea,” Channel 5 are sending the actor/author/game show host back on the road, this time in Sri Lanka.

The island nation of Sri Lanka is a jewel in the Indian Ocean, renowned for its beautiful tea hills, ancient monuments, fiery food, and tens of thousands of elephants. Alexander Armstrong thoroughly investigates this stunning island.

Behind the tourist traps, though, is a paradise island with a mighty past and a bright future. Alexander wants to discover what it is about Sri Lanka that has allowed it to not just survive, but thrive, despite civil wars, natural disasters, and the crisis of 2022, which saw 700,000 people storm the President’s mansion.

Commissioned by Guy Davies, Commissioning Editor Non Scripted UK Originals Channel 5/Paramount+. Clive Tulloh and Louise Quayle, Executive Producers for Burning Bright.