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Chicago Fire, May 1, 2024, NBC, “The Wrong Guy”



Chicago Fire

NBC’s Chicago Fire returns with an intense episode, “The Wrong Guy,” airing on NBC on Wednesday May 1, as the firefighters of Firehouse 51 face both personal and professional challenges. The episode focuses on the characters’ individual journeys, with Severide stepping up as the ranking officer, Kidd fighting for her Girls on Fire program, and Cruz’s family facing a threat from Javi’s past.

Severide, known for his charismatic personality, steps into a leadership position as the ranking officer at 51. Lieutenant Kelly Severide steps up as the ranking officer due to the absence of Lieutenant Matthew Casey, who has moved to Oregon with his fiancée, Sylvie Brett, and her adoptive daughter, Julia. This development sets the stage for Severide to take on more responsibilities and make important decisions within Firehouse 51.

Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), a strong and determined firefighter, finds herself fighting for her Girls on Fire program. The program aims to encourage young women to pursue careers in firefighting. Kidd was inspired to start “Girls on Fire” after witnessing young women of color involved in a dangerous drug deal. She wanted to offer them an alternative path and provide support.

Kidd collaborates with Lt. Wendy Seager to make the program a reality, despite their differences due to Seager’s alleged interest in Kidd’s boyfriend, Lt. Kelly Severide. The initiative has caused some drama regarding Kidd’s future and the appointment of a new lieutenant in Firehouse 51.


Meanwhile, Cruz’s family is threatened by someone resurfacing from Javi’s past. Javi, Cruz’s adoptive son, was introduced in Season 10 when Cruz rescued him from a burning building. Since then, Javi has become an integral part of the Cruz family.

The episode also teases a potential threat to Cruz’s family. With Cruz’s past involvement in a gang and his brother Leon’s gang affiliations, it remains to be seen what dangers may arise and how they will impact his family dynamic with his wife, Chloe, and their children, Brian and Javi.

Chicago Fire: The Wrong Guy airs on NBC at 9.00 pm on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.


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