Clive Myrie’s Caribbean Adventure: La Vega – Dominican Republic (BBC Two 13 June 2024)

Clive Myrie's Caribbean Adventure

Clive Myrie embarks on an adventure in the Dominican Republic, exploring the vibrant city of La Vega, known for its unique culture and energetic atmosphere. The episode, titled “La Vega – Dominican Republic,” airs on BBC Two on Thursday, June 13, 2024, at 6:30 pm.

Clive discovers a city that comes alive during the month of February, transforming into a bustling hub of activity and color. La Vega, usually off the tourist path, attracts visitors from across the globe who come to participate in the famous street carnivals, a celebration of the city’s rich cultural heritage.

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Clive immerses himself in the festive spirit by indulging in local sweets and interacting with talented artisans skilled in the art of mask-making. He joins in the preparations for the carnivals, creating extravagant costumes and embracing the opportunity to be a part of the vibrant procession.

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Clive fully embraces the local culture and traditions. He explores the city’s lively atmosphere, joining in the celebrations that bring people together from far and wide.

Clive Myrie’s Caribbean Adventure: La Vega – Dominican Republic airs on Thursday, 13 June 2024, at 6:30 pm on BBC Two.

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