Cold Call: Episode 1 (Channel 5, Monday, 17 June 2024)

Channel 5

The four-part thriller series ‘Cold Call’ gets “another chance to see” run on Channel 5, with the first episode airing on Monday, 17 June 2024, at 9:00 pm. The series kicks off with a focus on June Clarke, a single mother and care worker whose life takes a devastating turn when she falls prey to a cold call fraud scheme, causing her to lose all her savings from the sale of her house.

In this opening episode, viewers are introduced to June Clarke, played by Sally Lindsay, as she navigates the aftermath of a devastating scam. June, a dedicated care worker and single mother, finds herself in a dire situation after losing all her savings from the sale of her house to fraudsters. In an attempt to cope with the fallout, she joins a support group for victims of scams, where she reconnects with an old school friend, Des Grigsby, played by Daniel Ryan.

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Des, believing that a respected businessman named Kirk Wiley, played by Paul Higgins, is implicated in the criminal enterprise, proposes that June take a job caring for Kirk’s mother. June finds herself drawn into a web of suspicion and intrigue as she contemplates Des’ proposition. The cast also includes Melanie Kilburn as June’s mother, Sophie Clarke, and Taj Atwal as her pregnant daughter, Hana Clarke, adding depth to the story.

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‘Cold Call’ delves into the dark world of telephone banking scams and the impact they can have on victims. It explores the lengths to which June is willing to go to protect her family and seek justice. As the series progresses, the intricate web of deception and the true extent of the criminal enterprise are gradually unveiled.

‘Cold Call,’ made in 2019, was Channel 5’s first original drama, marking a significant milestone for the network.

Cold Call Episode 1 airs on Channel 5 at 9:00 PM on Monday, 17 June 2024.

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