Cult Massacre: One Day in Jonestown Explores the Dark Chapter of the Peoples Temple Tragedy

Cult Massacre One Day in Jonestown Title Card

‘Cult Massacre: One Day in Jonestown,’ a three-part documentary series, examines the tragic events surrounding the infamous cult leader Jim Jones and his religious movement, the Peoples Temple. Premiering on Hulu on June 17, 2024, and later airing on the National Geographic channel on August 14, the series is directed by Marian Mohamed and joins National Geographic’s acclaimed ‘One Day in America’ franchise.

The documentary focuses on the idealistic origins of the Peoples Temple, which was founded by Jones in the 1950s with initial principles of racial equality and social justice. However, Jones’ increasing paranoia and authoritarianism led to a devastating outcome—a mass murder-suicide in Jonestown, Guyana.

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On November 18, 1978, Jones orchestrated the deaths of 918 individuals, including children, who ingested cyanide-laced Flavor Aid.

‘Cult Massacre: One Day in Jonestown’ offers a comprehensive examination of the cult and the factors contributing to the tragedy. It includes never-before-seen footage and firsthand testimonies from survivors and eyewitnesses, providing a chilling account of the events preceding the mass casualty.

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