Danger in the Dorm Movie Premiere Sunday June 16 on Lifetime

‘Danger in the Dorm’ is a Lifetime original movie inspired by true-crime novelist Ann Rule’s work of the same name. Premiering on June 16, 2024, the film stars Bethenny Frankel and Clara Alexandrova in a suspenseful tale of murder and intrigue on a college campus.

The movie centers on Kathleen, played by Clara Alexandrova, whose life takes a dark turn after the tragic murder of her childhood best friend and classmate, Becky. As a killer preys on young girls around campus, Kathleen must shed her rebellious spirit and work to catch the culprit, all while her mother, Joanne, played by Bethenny Frankel, desperately tries to protect her from meeting the same fate as her friend.

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The film marks Frankel’s acting debut with Lifetime, known for her roles in reality TV and business ventures. In ‘Danger in the Dorm’, she takes on the role of a frantic mother, a stark contrast to her reality TV persona.

‘Danger in the Dorm’ is part of Lifetime’s “Ripped From the Headlines” movie slate, bringing true-crime stories to life. The script is written by Benjamin Anderson, with Robin Hays directing, and Howard Braunstein, Conor Allyn, Benjamin Anderson, and Ilene Kahn Powers serving as executive producers.

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Danger in the Dorm premieres Sunday June 16, 2024 at 8:00 pm on Lifetime.

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