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Dateline: Prairie Confidential (NBC Monday January 22, 2024)




In a compelling episode of NBC’s “Dateline” titled “Prairie Confidential,” viewers are taken on a chilling journey into the Angela Wilder murder case. Airing on Monday, January 22, 2024 at 1:00 PM, this episode reopens an investigation once considered closed by North Dakota detectives when new information emerges from an unexpected source.

The Angela Wilder murder case revolves around the tragic stabbing death of Angela Wilder, who was the ex-wife of Richie Wilder Jr. The brutal crime took place in November 2015 within her Minot home. Initially arrested and charged with her murder, Richie attempted to frame Angela’s current boyfriend for the crime; however, evidence eventually proved his innocence during trial proceedings.

Richie Wilder Jr.’s subsequent trial concluded in December 2016 with him being found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. Describing the act as a “cold, calculated cowardly act,” Judge Stacy Louser prohibited any contact between Richie and their two children.

The seemingly closed case takes an unexpected turn when Cynthia Wilder—Richie’s current wife—is arrested several weeks after his sentencing following her confession to an old flame. She admits helping plan Angela’s murder and assisting Richie in covering up their involvement afterwards.


Cynthia discloses that she observed Angela’s house on various nights while waiting for her boyfriend (at the time) to leave for work—an indication that tragedy was imminent. On that fateful night, Cynthia witnessed Richie drive off in her car knowing what he intended to do next. Afterward, she aided him in cleaning up blood evidence while disposing incriminating items in a nearby river.

Subsequently detained and ultimately pleading guilty to conspiracy charges relating to Angela’s murder,Cynthia received a sentence of life imprisonment without parole from Judge Stacy Louser in March.Additionally,she is forbidden from contacting not onlyAngela’s family but also Richies’ children, acknowledging the impact of Angela’s death on her children and emphasizing Angela’s role as a mother.

The gripping events surrounding the Angela Wilder murder case were truly shocking and tragic—leaving three children orphaned while Richie and Cynthia Wilder faced life sentences for their respective roles in this gruesome crime.

Don’t miss out when “Prairie Confidential” airs on NBC’s “Dateline” at 1:00 PM ET on Monday January 22nd, taking audiences into the heart of this perplexing investigation.


Featured Image Credit: NBC

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