David E. Kelley’s First Docu-Series “Hope in the Water” Set for PBS in 2024

David E. Kelley's First Docu-Series Hope in the Water Set for PBS in 2024

PBS announced today that multi-award-winning producer and storytelling visionary David E. Kelley (“Love & Death,” “Lincoln Lawyer,” “Big Little Lies”) and 4-time James Beard Award and Emmy Award winner Chef Andrew Zimmern and his production company Intuitive Content (“What’s Eating America,” “Family Dinner,” “Andrew Zimmern’s Wild Game Kitchen,” “Feral”) will produce a groundbreaking, three-part character-driven docuseries called HOPE IN THE WATER.

Kelley’s first docu-series, HOPE IN THE WATER, travels the world to find innovative blue food technologies that could feed us and save our threatened seas and freshwaterways. The series follows inspiring innovators, aquafarmers, and fishers working for a sustainable future.

Environmentalism icons Shailene Woodley, Martha Stewart, José Andrés, and Baratunde Thurston reveal hidden underworlds threatened by climate change, irresponsible fishing, and habitat loss. They are each deeply connected to a story and seek smart solutions to a threatened planet.

“Through HOPE IN THE WATER we are on a mission to reimagine a planet where both ecological balance and food abundance are possible. Our series is a fresh take on how we can rewrite menus worldwide that will create meaningful and lasting impact for generations to come,” said Kelley. “Andrew and I are buoyed by our enthusiastic collaborators – Shailene, Martha, Baratunde and José – and are proud to partner with the Earth-conscious changemakers at PBS.”

Woodley, an inspiring actor and activist, grew up surfing the California coast and saw “zombie” purple urchins destroy kelp forests. She works underwater with urchin divers to collect barren urchins and transport them to a farm to harvest their buttery roe, turning an ecological imbalance into a saleable product and saving the kelp.

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“It’s my hope that through this important work, we can collectively practice better alternatives that will nourish communities across the planet and sustain our waters,” said Woodley.

Stewart is an entrepreneur, tastemaker, author, and conservationist with a strong connection to the Gulf of Maine, the fastest-warming body of water. She sails into Penobscot Bay, where a young lobsterer switched to scallop farming for sustainability. Stewart cooks scallops and notes that Maine’s famous lobsters are migrating north for colder water. This is the future of aquafarming.

“The interconnectivity between Earth and all its inhabitants has always inspired my passions,” noted Stewart. “We’ve been given the gift of this incredible planet – the only one we call home – and when we pair it with human ingenuity to think outside the box, we can become more eco-friendly and expect better for our future.”

Fed by Blue’s multi-year impact campaign includes HOPE IN THE WATER. Fed by Blue educates and inspires visionaries, thought leaders, ocean lovers, activists, early adopters, foodies, and consumers to protect and participate in a responsible blue food system.

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“Fed by Blue is working to amplify efforts that are bringing new pathways, new dialogue, and new perceptions about the importance of foods that come from water. Helping to develop a docuseries on this topic has been an anchor for our greater work,” said co-founder Jennifer Bushman.

PBS’s multiyear, multiplatform HOPE IN THE WATER initiative examines how climate change affects communities, countries, and the planet. The comprehensive focus, PBS’s largest ever, explores climate change’s effects on conservation, biodiversity, and the ecosystem. PBS and its member stations will create a rich storytelling destination about climate change challenges and hope and positive impact. Learn about PBS’s Climate, Nature, and Our Planet efforts.

HOPE IN THE WATER received partial funding from Anne Ray Foundation.

Brian Peter Falk (Robert Redford’s “The Conspirator,” “Against the Sun,” “What’s Eating America”) directs HOPE IN THE WATER. The documentary series is produced by Intuitive Content and executive produced by Andrew Zimmern and Patrick Weiland. Blue-food advocates Jennifer Bushman, Jill Kauffman Johnson, and Katherine Bryar advise and produce. PBS executive director Bill Gardner.

Hope in the Water will premiere in 2024 on PBS.

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