Days of Our Lives (Peacock Friday July 5, 2024)

Title Card for Days of Our Lives Peacock

On the Friday July 5 episode of Days of Our Lives, Kristen contemplates whether to trust Melinda Trask with a crucial position at DiMera Enterprises. While EJ suggested involving Melinda to keep her quiet about Jude’s paternity, Kristen must decide if Melinda’s legal expertise outweighs their past issues. Melinda’s ruthless nature could be an asset, leaving Kristen with a difficult decision.

Gabi stumbles upon a heated confrontation between EJ and Stefan, leading her to uncover the truth about Jude’s paternity. Armed with this knowledge, Gabi must now choose how to proceed. Meanwhile, Nicole is caught off guard when Eric announces his sudden departure for Paris, accepting a new job offer.

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Jada visits Robert “Bobby” Stein, gaining startling insights into Li Shin’s demise. Newly created flashbacks shed light on the events surrounding Li’s death, leaving Jada with questions about Bobby’s potential involvement or motives.

Days of Our Lives airs on Friday July 5, 2024, on Peacock.

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