Days of Our Lives (Peacock Friday June 14, 2024)

Title Card for Days of Our Lives Peacock

On the Friday June 14 episode of Days of Our Lives, Chad receives intriguing updates about a safe deposit box that may hold the key to finding Abigail. Clyde Weston informs Chad that the box contains evidence that Abigail is alive and reveals how Chad can access it in Chicago. Chad shares this information with Julie Williams, who questions the validity of Clyde’s claims. Despite their skepticism, Chad and Julie decide to investigate further, unaware that Thomas has overheard their conversation and learned about his mother’s possible survival.

Chad quickly dismisses Thomas’ inquiries by claiming they meant Abigail was alive in their hearts. Determined to protect Thomas from potential disappointment, Chad vows to be more cautious in the future. However, he remains resolute in his decision to explore the contents of the safe deposit box. Julie agrees to accompany Chad to Chicago to uncover the truth.

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Meanwhile, Chanel breaks the news to Paulina about her upcoming move to Los Angeles with Johnny, leaving Paulina concerned about their relationship. Elsewhere, Kristen explains her decision to end her alliance with Stefan, citing a phone call that could secure her position at DiMera Enterprises without his help. Stefan pleads with Kristen to uphold their deal, but she remains hesitant.

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Stefan also faces pressure from Rafe, who is willing to turn a blind eye to Stefan’s shady dealings if he can strike a bargain with Clyde and obtain information about Gil Carter’s guilt. As the episode unfolds, Stefan finds himself at a crossroads, balancing his desire to help Gabi and maintain his alliance with Kristen.

This episode of Days of Our Lives airs Friday June 14 on Peacock.

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