Days of Our Lives (Peacock Friday June 7, 2024)

Days of Our Lives

On the Friday June 7 episode of ‘Days of Our Lives,’ airing on Peacock, Alex walks in on Theresa and Brady sharing an intimate moment.Theresa has convinced Brady to escalate their relationship, but now Alex, an advocate for an open relationship with Kristen, finds himself in a tricky situation, especially since Kristen has admitted to her waning interest in him.

Alex genuinely loves Theresa, but his instincts tell him she’s keeping secrets. As the story unfolds, Theresa may have to choose between her feelings for Brady and her involvement in an inheritance scheme.

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Meanwhile, Sarah takes the initiative by dialing Xander’s mother’s last known number to invite her to the wedding. However, Xander anticipates his mother’s drunken behavior causing a scene.

Elsewhere, Steve, John, and Maggie are preparing for Maggie’s wedding to Konstantin, and Maggie feels confident due to a trap she has set for Konstantin. She even considers having him arrested at the altar, but their plans take an unexpected twist with a shooting set to occur within the next episode or two.

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This episode of Days of Our Lives airs on Friday, June 7, 2024, on Peacock.

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