Days of Our Lives (Peacock Monday June 17, 2024)

Title Card for Days of Our Lives Peacock

On the upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives, Alex decides to clear the air with Brady, addressing the tension between them since Alex walked in on Brady and Theresa together. Alex, who has his own secret tryst with Kristen, hopes to move past the incident and respect Brady and Theresa’s mutual commitment.

Meanwhile, Abe offers support to Paulina, who is struggling with Chanel and Johnny’s upcoming move to LA. Abe suggests combining their anniversary with a going-away party for the couple, or he may plan a surprise for Paulina, possibly involving Lani and Eli’s return.

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Elsewhere, Kristen boasts to EJ about becoming the CEO of DiMera Enterprises, and with EJ no longer the DA, she jokingly suggests he stay at home with the kids. However, Stefan knows that EJ is not Jude’s biological father, and on Monday’s episode, he confronts EJ and abandons his escape plan, opting instead to blackmail EJ into helping clear Gabi’s name. Stefan threatens to expose EJ’s secret unless he cooperates.

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This episode of Days of Our Lives airs Monday, June 17, 2024, on Peacock.

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