Days of Our Lives (Peacock, Monday May 20, 2024)

Days of Our Lives

On the Monday May 20 episode of ‘Days of Our Lives,’ EJ is less than pleased when he walks in on Nicole, drunk, kissing Eric. Earlier in the day, EJ was already frustrated after being abruptly fired by Paulina. Now, he has to deal with his wife’s drunken display of affection for another man. EJ’s anger may lead him to confront Eric and assert his role as Nicole’s husband. Meanwhile, Nicole, in her inebriated state, lets her guard down, revealing her true feelings for Eric.

Paulina, on the other hand, quickly fills the position of Salem’s district attorney that EJ left vacant. She offers the job to Melinda, acknowledging that she was a better DA than EJ. Melinda accepts the role but continues to worry about her illegal secret involving Sloan and the stolen baby.

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Leo becomes an unexpected witness to forbidden love when he catches Holly and Tate together in an intimate moment. Holly, feeling guilty about her harsh words to Nicole, has sought comfort in Tate’s company. Leo now possesses juicy gossip that could be perfect for potentially exposing Holly and Tate’s secret relationship.

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Chanel and Johnny, facing Chanel’s high-risk pregnancy, attend an appointment with a specialist. The doctor examines Chanel and provides new information that reinforces Chanel’s decision to carry the baby to term. However, she still has concerns about the potential impact of radiation exposure and the risk of birth defects.

Days of Our Lives airs Monday, May 20, 2024, at 6.00 a.m. on Peacock.

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