Days of Our Lives (Peacock Tuesday July 9, 2024)

Title Card for Days of Our Lives Peacock

In the Tuesday July 9 episode of Days of Our Lives, Gabi justifies her decision to expose EJ’s secret, arguing that everyone deserves to know the truth about his deception regarding Jude’s paternity. She couldn’t stand by and watch EJ raise a child that wasn’t his, and so she felt compelled to take action. Stefan, while understanding Gabi’s motives, warns her of the significant risk she has taken.

Meanwhile, EJ vows to seek revenge, and the fallout of his actions continues to unfold. Holly, confused by the recent events, receives an update from EJ about the paternity cover-up. He admits to deceiving Eric, Nicole, and others, leading to Holly’s anger over his cruel secrets.

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At the airport, Eric struggles to process Nicole’s revelation that Jude is his son. As the truth sinks in, Eric experiences a range of emotions, from joy at reuniting with Jude to fury over EJ’s lies.

The episode also explores the aftermath of Nicole’s decision to dump EJ, potentially opening the door for a future relationship with Eric. However, EJ should prepare for the consequences of his actions, as Eric’s anger may lead to a confrontation at the DiMera mansion.

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Days of Our Lives airs Tuesday, July 9, 2024, on Peacock.

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