Days of Our Lives (Peacock Tuesday June 25, 2024)

Title Card for Days of Our Lives Peacock

On the Tuesday June 25 episode of Days of Our Lives, Lucas bids an emotional farewell to Salem, sharing heartfelt goodbyes with Kate as he prepares to spend time with his family in New Zealand. Meanwhile, Leo visits his mother, Diana, at Statesville, mustering the courage to confront her about their troubled past.

Leo expresses his pain and anger to Diana about her hurtful actions over the years. Diana refuses to accept blame and attempts to shift the blame onto Leo, but he stands his ground, asserting his worth despite her treatment of him. Their confrontation leads to a rare display of emotion from Diana, indicating a glimmer of humanity beneath her harsh exterior.

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Elsewhere, Chanel and Johnny head to the hospital for their final check-up before relocating to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, they receive disappointing news from Dr. Greene, who identifies a serious issue with the baby, possibly related to radiation exposure.

Despite this setback, Johnny and Chanel remain committed to their unborn child, especially after another heartwarming conversation with Felicity in the town square.

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As the day unfolds, Chanel experiences concerning cramps, alarming both Johnny and Paulina, signaling a frightening turn of events.

Days of Our Lives airs Tuesday, June 25, 2024, at 9:00 a.m. on Peacock.

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