Days of Our Lives (Peacock Tuesday May 21, 2024)

Days of Our Lives

On the Tuesday May 21 episode of ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Chad reveals to Steve that the journal Nicole found belonged to Abigail. Chad explains that the journal contains clues about Abigail’s investigation into Clyde Weston’s drug empire, suggesting a possible motive for Clyde’s actions against her.

Determined to bring Clyde to justice, Chad seeks Steve’s assistance. Meanwhile, Eric catches up with Roman while Kate expresses her concerns about Ava living above the pub and her relationship with Harris.

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Elsewhere, EJ issues an ultimatum to Sloan, demanding that she confess to Eric about Jude’s true paternity and surrender the baby within 24 hours. EJ offers to pay for Sloan’s new life elsewhere if she complies. Backed into a corner, Sloan agrees to his demands, knowing the consequences of refusal. However, her decision will lead to heartbreak for Eric.

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Later, Leo joins Stephanie and Everett at Small Bar for drinks, but the night takes a tense turn when Everett reverts to his Bobby persona and punches Eric, resulting in his arrest.

This episode of Days of Our Lives airs Tuesday, May 21, 2024, at 6.00 a.m. on Peacock.

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